Autism Journey Campaign -

Designer - Olha M.

At Autism Speaks Canada, we created #autismjourney campaign to tell the story of autism through the experience of little Elijah.

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umm... my name is Elijah, I was diagnosed with ASD (Awesome-Special-Dude) when I was 3-years old and I hated talking to people. I use to scribble and talk in actions but my parents made sure that I got confident as I grew up and my parents use their camera to capture my perspective of the world and conveyed my feelings in pictures to the world.
Did you see them?

Dad said we're on Instagram but I thought we are on planet Earth! I'm so confused.

He also told me about THE BLUE EXPERIENCE where you can experience life from my side of the world and be a part of my #AutismJourney.

This experience will help you know me better and then we can be friends!

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This was a school assignment, Credits for the images are given.